Welcome Boys 15U-19U Washington Cup Teams!

Welcome Boys 15U-19U Washington Cup Teams!

We are pleased to announce the schedules for the upcoming Boys 15U-19U Washington Cup. All division placements were assembled with the current league standings as of 10/16. The schedules had to be built now to give teams time to schedule fields for their home games. There is no altering of the dates your teams are scheduled for. The semi-finals and finals will be played the weekend of November 17-19 at Ravensdale Park. There will be a few games played on Friday, the 17th. The Friday night games will be with teams located within an hour drive or less, from  Ravensdale Park, if possible.

Please begin getting your game locations and times secu red no later than Sunday, October 29th. Scheduling should follow the league travel rules where applicable.

Please work together to make these preliminary game schedules work. WA Cup play begins on November 4th. Dates for preliminary games are Nov. 4th, 5th, 11th and 12th. The link to the master schedule is:   https://events.gotsport.com/events/Default.aspx?EventID=62037

Important Information

1.       Schedules and Scheduling

 a.  The home team is responsible for securing the home field and the referees for the game.

b.  The home team is also responsible for posting the location and time for the game.  To do so, teams musts log into their "Gotsoccer Team" page, click on the schedule.  Once in the system you should be able to edit the schedule.  If the field is not listed, please email   tournament@pugetsoundpremierleague.com with the information and we will add it.   

c. Team contact information - To contact the opposing teams, you must log  into your "GotSoccer team" page, click on the schedule and then click on the "Chat" button.  The contact information will be displayed.

2.       Rosters

a.  Each team is allowed 20 players on the official US Club Roster.  Only 18  ma y play and be listed on the "Game Day Roster Sheet". Please use the PSPL Game Day roster.

b.  Teams must follow the same game day procedures used during league     play.   

c.   No "guest" or "player pass" players are allowed. (only players listed on the team's US Club Roster c an play).

d.  Once a player is assigned to a roster for the WA Cup that player is not eligible to play on any other team in the Washington Cup even in a different age group.

e.  Rosters must be emailed to tournament@pugetsoundpremierleague.com by the end of the day Wednesday, November 1st.  All rosters are f rozen on Nov. 1st. No additions or changes are allowed after Nov. 1st.  


3.       Score reporting - The winning team is responsible for reporting the score.  In the event of a tie both teams should report the score. 

To report scores by phone

 i. Call 904-758-0875

ii. Press 1 to get game reports

iii. Event ID is 62037 then press #

iv. Pin number is 7775 then press #

v. You need the game number which can be found on the schedule

vi. Follow the directions

         To report scores online

i. Go to https://www.gotsport.com/asp/users/login_menu.asp

ii. Choose Scoring input under Event Scheduling/scoring

iii. Enter the event Id listed above

iv. Enter the Pin number listed above

v. Enter the g ame number found on the schedule page

vi. Enter the score of the game